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bloody muse
25.10.2004, 20:39
Wolfgang Obermayr

bloody muse

live recorded

One night I got visit from my muse, she brought some news. She said: "I´ve got a new song for you, listen to this." and she gave me a kiss. My eyes got wider, it was wonderful, my fingers felt lighter. "This song is beautiful!"

I paid her well for her ambition, I didn´t ask where she found that vision. When she was away I played that song many hours long. Till I recognized that there was something wrong ...

Next morning I was walking straight to my lawyer. I wanted to sue her. But the lawyer said: "It´s your own fault. You have to accept that the song is from Dave Brubeck."

Oh why are all inspirations already used by others? You can write about death or about lovers, the songs wont be more than covers!!

Oh no, no. Oh no, no.

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David Boeckle | 06.01.2005, 11:51Antworten
Sehr schöner Text. Die Musik ist natürlich auch schön. Aber sehr schöner Text!

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